UNGA ECOFIN’16: Committee Simulation [St. Stephen’s College, Delhi]: October 21


St. Stephen’s College would like to invite you to participate in a simulation of the UNGA ECOFIN committee on 21st October, 2016. The agenda of the committee will be “Fiscal consequences of tax mitigation, and government & corporate corruption”.

Traditional MUN procedure will barely be adhered to, just for formality’s sake, and proceedings will be as informal as a general discussion. It will be expected of the delegates to discuss the numerous shortcomings of taxation structures across economies, the generation of black money and its effects, and flaws in the banking system, among other avenues of financial malpractices.

Limited positions available in committee. All allotments will be made on basis of prior experience.


21st October, 2016


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The Economics Society, St. Stephen’s College


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